New APL Europe office opened!

Bensheim, Frankfurt: In April 2019, the new European headquarters and the German APL centre in Bensheim/Frankfurt went into operation in Germany. The opening was duly celebrated, and APL’s most successful managers were invited.

Rudi Neidhardt, APL’s European Head, expresses his pleasure in a special way: “We are at a very special moment in APL’s history, together we are experiencing a significant European start. I am very proud that we will join forces from Germany to build up the entire European market. I am looking forward to particularly fruitful teamwork with our international team.”

The new office and APL Headquarters Europe will be a multifunctional headquarters. From here, the complete administration and strategic planning will take place, and the location will also be used for regular meetings of APL executives.

The APL Europe Team

Rudi Neidhardt

Managing Director Europe

It was probably one of those special moments when the APL founder Sergey Kulikov announced at the turn of the year that he had engaged no less a person than Rudi Neidhardt from Germany, who is experienced in the industry, for the responsible position as APL European Head.

Neidhardt has been networked worldwide for over four decades as an entrepreneur, spokesman, author and absolute industry professional and has already accompanied countless teams to sustainable success. For APL, the eternally young Bensheimer has only one goal:

“Together to the very top!”

Sylke Eickenscheidt

Logistic Manager

Jaqueline Risch

Executive Assistant MD

Vlada Nazarova

Generation Y Executive

Short video cut of the last executive meeting including film production at the APL headquarters in Bensheim.