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Innovative Products

APL is the union of nature and research and is now a worldwide phenomenon due to the science underlying APL products. While consuming delicious drops, the best of nature is consumed in the form of highly bioavailable phytovital and mineral nutrients. A perfect vital and multi-nutrient concentrate!

ACumullit SA

This great science is also called “accumulation of strength” and allows the targeted extraction and absorption of the most valuable components of our nature.


You are between 18 and 25 years old and have had enough of your average, boring life? APL Generation ‘Y’ offers you the complete package: fun, success, travel and many new friends!

Produkt Reviews


"APL offers young people exactly what they can expect from a company today: free time management, great offers, and unspeakable opportunities to become financially independent."

Caleb Jenkins
Health Consultant

"The excellent education program has allowed me to accompany countless people around the world to a secure income."

Ilona Milusheva
Brand Partner

"All APL products contain only original colorants, that is biological extracts from plants which are naturally colored, such as black grape or paprika extract."

Miguel Rodriguez
Preferred Customer



As an APL brand partner, you not only have access to the unique APL products – and at the absolute best price – we also surprise you additionally and regularly with special gifts and offers!

The APL Travel Club takes you to the most beautiful places on earth and offers you the most unforgettable moments, whether on an exclusive cruise or on your personal dream island. Ask your APL Brandpartner and find out more about these great possibilities!

The “community” – our family – is the most important and central core of our vision and mission. Join us and gain this great added value in joy, freedom and quality of life!

APL – We are family.

APL Leadership

Sergey Kulikov – A unique success story!

Sergey Kulikov, founder and president of the global corporation APL, was already one of Russia’s most successful young entrepreneurs as a teenager and was able to achieve extraordinary record figures in sales and marketing. The charismatic and extremely likeable young star soon decided to found his own company.

Together with his beautiful wife Olga, Sergey now heads the global APL Group and teaches principles that put the value of the family back in the spotlight.

Over the past few years, APL has made a positive difference to the lives of millions of people through its award-winning APL Quality of Life concept, opening up entirely new opportunities and possibilities in the areas of health, freedom and sustainable success.

In particular, the excellent work with various non-profit organizations that provide support to young people during their most important time and invest directly in our next generation through education programs has become a popular trademark and also a true heart mission of APL.

Sergey Kulikov, a man, a family, a global company – and a mission to provide millions of people with more freedom, joy and a better quality of life.

Thousands of people worldwide join the APL family every month. Join us and enjoy this unique attitude to life.

APL Leadership

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CEO and Founder Sergey Kulikov

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True Magic

A particular passion is the exclusive round trips and cruises that Sergey regularly organizes for all his business partners, his family. These highly exclusive cruises are unforgettable moments in Sergey’s life for each of his guests.

Become a Brand Partner and enjoy further advantages!

Benefit from the two strongest markets of our time: the Internet and the healthcare market. Every day people earn money from home by using so-called affiliate programs.

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APL Platinum Club

Another great highlight is the new APL Platinum Club! If you are one of our most successful partners, then we have a very special gift for you: from now on you can only travel in luxury class – whether privately or for business! And APL pays for you?

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Generation Y

You are between 18 and 25 years old and have had enough of your average, boring life? APL Generation ‘Y’ offers you the complete package: fun, success, travel and many new friends!

Become part of APL Generation ‘Y’ and enjoy all the benefits! Experience this unique spirit and immerse yourself in a world full of unexpected possibilities: Freedom, fun, events, travel, adventure and a great career where there are practically no limits.

APL – No Limits. Lots of Fun!